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Who is Firth?

The owners of Firth’s Celtic Pub met Johnny Firth when on a trip to New York several years ago. They wandered into Playwright’s Celtic Pub in the heart of Manhattan and there behind the bar was Johnny Firth. He greeted them with a smile and an extremely warm welcome. Johnny was a true Irishman who grew up in the Bronx New York.

A friendship grew and Alex and Sean saw him any time they visited NY City. They were impressed by Johnny’s sense of hospitality. ... When you walked in the door he knew who you were and what your pleasure was.

Johnny died suddenly January 2015 at the young age of 42. He was known for his humour, his love of life and his sense of hospitality. In naming their Celtic Pub “Firth's Celtic Pub” they are honouring his spirit. It is his sense of hospitality that they intend to extend to all who enter their doors.